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Why And How To Do A Weekly Review


In the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose your way and become reactive instead of proactive. Your job is getting down to just putting out fires. You miss important things, you fail and lose credibility with your customers, colleagues and your boss. One of the solutions to this problem is a weekly review!

How To Be Productive On Fridays - Mighty Fridays In Nozbe


Research as well as conversations with friends and self-observations show that for most people Friday is the least productive working day. I guess it stems from the fatigue of the preceding 4 days and the anticipation of the weekend. And that’s why Fridays in Nozbe are special.

Just Write Stuff Down - The No Office Podcast, ep. 39


When your brain isn’t busy remembering everything, it works better, your creativity skyrockets and your stress level goes down. Writing things down is the first and most important tip you should try to implement in your team to boost your productivity. See why.

How to receive and give feedback well


Many people struggle to receive feedback, especially negative or constructive feedback. Are you one of those people? Or maybe you’re a manager and you try to omit giving feedback to avoid uncomfortable situations? Use the tips below to learn how to give and receive feedback effectively.

Team management, feedback & Nonprofit Productive - Mike St. Pierre


“Being productive is one thing. Being nonprofit productive takes something more.” - says Mike St. Pierre, productivity geek with over 25 years of nonprofit leadership. Together with his team, he aims to equip nonprofit leaders with simple productivity strategies to help them maximize their team efficiency and avoid burnout. Watch and read to learn more.

7 Tips on Surviving the Workday When You’re Tired


Have you ever continually checked the time almost every 5 minutes while you are at work? You are just too tired to cope with the day’s work and you can’t compile the work to wait till the next day. You’re now wondering how to pull through this situation. Here is how to surviving a tough day at work.

Discover Why Small- and Medium-sized Teams Love Using Nozbe apps

Nozbe Come on, don’t be ashamed. We know that sometimes you think to yourself: Why do I need this application after all? All these projects, tasks, effective team cooperation stuff? There are e-mails, chats, there is a notebook… Why complicate things? And why pay if you can have free tools… These are pretty obvious doubts. We get them. After all, millions of people use post-it notes and notebooks, and they work just fine.

Asynchronous Communication: A Top Productivity Booster


The NoOffice style and asynchronous communication are keys to team productivity. Believe us. While we mention NoOffice a lot on our productivity blog, asynchronous communication still needs some clarification :) Asynchronous may sound faulty or suspiciously to some of you, huh?

Remote Teamwork - The Ultimate Guide - Free Online Course


Attention - Achtung - Atención ‼ Registration for our free online course opens today! If your team works remotely or just some of your colleagues work from home, and you’ve been facing organization or communication problems - then this course is for you.

How to design a home office - Team Productivity Show Ep. 9


If you work from home you need to prepare your home office well. Your working space impacts your productivity and focus.

In this episode, Michael walks us through his home office and described all the furniture and equipment he’s got. You might find his advice useful when designing your own home office space.