9 Important Cybersecurity Tips to Increase Your Business’ Productivity in 2019


Productivity is the key to success. Whether you run a business, work for one, or simply work freelance, you will find that productivity plays a crucial role in the success of your work. When we think of productivity, however, we never seem to consider the importance of digital- or cybersecurity.

There are plenty of ways that cybersecurity can boost productivity, both on an individual basis and across businesses and organizations. When practicing cybersecurity to improve your productivity, you are protecting both your work and yourself—it’s a win-win situation!

The top resources on goals and New Year’s resolutions


Here is the list of our best articles on goals and New Year’s resolutions: how to plan them, how to stick to them and of course: achieve them!

The “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” by Michael Sliwinski - the simplest way to complete your goals.


Everyone can be productive. Productivity is not a rocket science. Frankly, it’s a matter of adopting a couple of habits, building a personal system and using some tricks or techniques on a daily basis.

You can struggle and learn the above from your own experience (after many years), you can read hundreds of blog posts and study productivity resources or… you can check out my latest book and become an efficient project manager in no time.

“10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” on pre-sale!

I am so happy to announce that my new book: “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” is here!

You can get the paperback, ebook or a productivity pack including the Nozbe subscription.

(Audiobook will be available very soon on Audible and Amazon will start shipping the book on Jan 2).

How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like You Are Not Enough


We all feel down at some point in our lives. Especially when we feel like we are failing at something or that someone is better than us at something. These feelings, however normal, can break our spirit and make us not want to do more. Luckily, there are some things that you can do for yourself:

The new iPad, local activism and remembering why you do what you do - The Podcast (November 2018)


The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael (our CEO) and Radek (Nozbe VP Apple.) In November, our hosts, first, continue their discussion on minimalism and then move on to working on an iPad, getting involved and asking themselves why they do what they do. Read on, choose your episode and get some great insight.

7 Workspace Changes to Boost Your Team’s Productivity


You can have the best intentions in the world, but you won’t get very far if your environment is working against those intentions. Productivity requires an environment that allows people to get things done. Making a few small modifications to your work environment can keep everyone moving forward with the maximum amount of momentum.

The Nozbe Team Having Fun in Cracow - A Video to Watch


Working remotely has many advantages over traditional “office mode”. One of them is the way we truly can’t wait to meet in person at the company reunions. Watch this short video showing how Nozbe team spent time during the last get-together in Cracow.

Archiving Tasks and Projects in Nozbe - Part 17 of our FAQ series


Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we answer popular questions that our users ask us in their emails. This time, we want to talk about archiving.

7 Tips on Surviving the Workday When You’re Tired


Have you ever continually checked the time almost every 5 minutes while you are at work? You are just too tired to cope with the day’s work and you can’t compile the work to wait till the next day. You’re now wondering how to pull through this situation.

Backpack only and home automation on the cheap - The Podcast (October 2018)


The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael (our CEO) and Radek (Nozbe VP Apple.) In October, our hosts present how to pack all the stuff for a week long trip in a regular backpack and share their ideas for home automation. Read on and choose your favorite episode this month.