How can I effectively use categories? - Part 13 of our monthly FAQ series

Nozbe Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we answer questions that our users ask in their e-mails. This month, we’re going to have a look at a great feature that allows you to manage your tasks effectively - categories in Nozbe. Categories can easily help you organizing your work and save time. In some cases, it may be not quite clear when and why to use them, so we’ve decided to answer some of the most frequent questions about categories.

How to build good habits thanks to automation


January and February have passed. March is slowly reaching its end. But it’s never too late to review and reflect on your actions. You can always handle your matters in such a manner as to make your year great in every way. Read on to find out what tips I have for you regarding this subject.

Hey @User, Nozbe 3.7 is live


Nozbe has always been a great communication tool for teams. Lots of companies use it everyday to asynchronously assign tasks and contextually discuss potential solutions for each task in order to complete them all ✅. With the new Nozbe 3.7, communication flow in your company can be smoother than ever before. We also included some goodies for Android users, dark theme enthusiasts and more. Keep reading to learn how these new features can boost your productivity and make using Nozbe even more comfortable.

Ask Michael S04E08: Where to find Nozbe.how templates


One of the best things about Nozbe.how public templates is that they’re accessible for both their creators and their audiences. How can you find them? And in what languages are they available? That’s what this episode is about!

Spring Cleaning Your Productivity System - 4 Winning Strategies


Depending on where you live in the world, Spring is often a season of “new things”. In this post, Nozbe Ambassador Mike St. Pierre shares strategies for aligning your productivity with the new opportunities of the season.

A really easy productivity exercise – will you try it?


What gets you closer to your goals – to what you want to achieve or to the kind of person you want to become?

Ask Michael S04E07: Project privacy in Nozbe


Your projects are yours by default - always! In today’s episode, Michael casts all doubts away about the privacy of projects in Nozbe in different scenarios.

Webinar: A Checklist for the Most Productive Spring Cleaning


It’s been almost 3 months since you set up your goals and created the action plan for 2018. Are you sure all your strategies are working out? Don’t your tasks, projects and decisions need a detailed review?

Food for thought: 10 foods to snack on for increased productivity


If you read my first article of the food series, you already know that eating well can have a huge impact on our effectiveness at work. Not only does a healthy and balanced diet keep you fit, it also helps you be more productive and more energetic throughout the day.

Ask Michael S04E06: Ambassadors


Nozbe Ambassadors share not only their affiliate link, but – most importantly – their experience and know-how in order to make others more productive with Nozbe. They can help you, too!