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How to Collaborate Effectively Without Emails and Chats


7 Tips To Introducing Nozbe In Your Team



What’s New in Nozbe - The Best Tool for Work Management

Task Ping-Pong: The Best Strategy For Effective Collaboration in Nozbe


Top 10 AI Tools That Boost Productivity

How To Break Down Your Work Into Projects & Tasks


In Conversation With Sarah Harkleroad: How Nozbe Boosts Productivity in a Graphic Design Team

Roles of Founders in a Software Company - No Office Podcast, ep. 46 with Rand Fishkin

Check Out New Business Plans in Nozbe

Your Employees Want Simplicity - Blaze Goraj on Nozbe

Why Your Team Needs a Collaboration App


How to Stay Organized and Maximize Your Time as a Software Developer


Nozbe’s Simple Structure: Projects > Tasks > Comments


Nozbe Pricing Changes

Apple Vision Pro: A Revolutionary Leap in Productivity - No Office Podcast, ep. 45


Tracking Task Changes In Nozbe

Boost Your Productivity with Nozbe: Practical Tips and Tricks from Mike St. Pierre

10 Tips to Improve Productivity & Profitability In A Small Law Firm


Customer Success Story: Why I Can’t Quit Nozbe

Why You Should Interview Your Customers - No Office Podcast, ep. 44


New In Nozbe: Windows App, Delegating Tasks to Anyone Via Email And More!

How To Track Team’s Progress In Projects - Status Tasks


Nozbe 16th Birthday 🎉


Best Software For Virtual Assistants - Productivity Blog



Productivity Boosting Features: Team Comments & Weekly Calendar View!

David Allen: Introducing GTD in a Team - No Office Podcast, ep. 43

Nozbe Sidebar - How to Easily Manage Your Work


Task Comments in Nozbe - Your Communication Superpower


Nozbe Widgets for Android & iOS

Nozbe News: Improved Sections, Comment Formatting and more!


How Hashtags Work in Nozbe

13 Tips For Planning The Perfect Vacation

Join Nozbe Certified Expert Program & Enjoy All The Benefits

How To Email Tasks To Nozbe - The Ultimate Guide

The Most Frequent Energy Thieves And How To Deal With Them

10 Reasons Why Teams Fail and How to Address Them


The Incoming View - Your Personal Nozbe Assistant

Project Templates - Automate, Excel, Improve

Why Would You Attend In-person Conference - No Office Podcast, ep. 42

Nozbe For Personal Productivity and Task-Management

6 Remote Work Productivity Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Jump To & Search Feature in Nozbe


7 Steps To Increasing Everyday Productivity

How Cloning Projects in Nozbe Helps You Save Time

Work From Anywhere You Want - No Office Podcast, ep. 41

A Glance at the Nozbe Work Culture: Yes, We Are Unicorns

How to Identify and Prevent Burnout at Work

Nonprofit Staff Benefits from Nozbe Pyramid of Communication

Joint Projects in Nozbe - Collaborate More Effectively

Why And How To Do A Weekly Review


Activity View - The Best Nozbe Feature For Managers

How Project Templates, Calendar & Filters Work in Nozbe - Product Vlog

Weekly Review Tips & Tricks - No Office Podcast, ep. 40

How Our Customers Use Nozbe To Grow Their Business

Nozbe Features: Bulk Edit Mode

How To Be Productive On Fridays - Mighty Fridays In Nozbe

Just Write Stuff Down - The No Office Podcast, ep. 39

How About Giving $15 For Free To Everyone You Know?


Hybrid work. Practical tips - The No Office Podcast, ep. 38

We are cutting off Nozbe for Russia and Belarus as a result of their attack on Ukraine

Mighty Fridays in Nozbe - The No Office Podcast, ep. 37

Nozbe Premium - Free For Ukraine


How to receive and give feedback well

Lean & kaizen in software development - The No Office Podcast, ep. 36

2022: The Year Of The Bicycle - The No Office Podcast, ep. 35

All About Nozbe Personal > Nozbe Migrator - Online Show

How Nozbe Personal Users Can Switch To New Nozbe

Nozbe - The Best Productivity Tool For Entrepreneurs


iPad Mini Review & Productivity Hacks - The No Office Podcast, ep. 34

Nozbe Updates In 2022

Rafal’s MacBook Pro Optimized Desk Setup - The No Office Podcast, ep. 33



How we develop the product in Nozbe - The No Office Podcast, ep. 32

The Referral Program: Send Teams to Nozbe and Gain 25% Commission

Team management, feedback & Nonprofit Productive - Mike St. Pierre

Famous Nozbe Design Fight Canceled - The No Office Podcast, ep. 31


New Nozbe Features - Filters, Widget & more

Black Friday Deals Coming Soon

Plan for 1 and 2 Users in Nozbe

Have More Than Just 1 Space in Nozbe

Pros and Cons of #iPadOnly Work- The No Office Podcast, ep. 30

7 Tips on Surviving the Workday When You’re Tired

Working across time zones - The No Office Podcast, ep. 29


Link Related Tasks Together & Save Time

How To Handle A Chain Of Tasks In Nozbe

Unleash like a PRO - The No Office Podcast, ep. 28

Company retreat & team bonding - The No Office 2 Podcast, ep. 1


How 2️⃣ Companies Can Collaborate Efficiently

Nozbe New Features: API, hashtags, bulk edit…


Tech gear we use on holidays - The No Office Podcast, ep. 26


Ideas for process & productivity improvement - The No Office Podcast, ep. 25

Nozbe Store - Get Cool Gadgets With Our Logo

The iPadOnly Home Office of Augusto Pinaud - The No Office Podcast, ep. 24

Discover Why Small- and Medium-sized Teams Love Using Nozbe apps

Best Tips To Successful Workation - The No Office Podcast, ep. 23


Nozbe New Features and Practical Tips

Meetings – How To Do Them Right - Boosting Team Communication

Asynchronous Communication: A Top Productivity Booster

How To Foster Focused Work - The No Office Podcast, ep. 22

The Pyramid Of Communication - Your Team’s Efficiency Guarantee

9 Facts & Myths About Remote Work

Remote Teamwork - The Ultimate Guide - Free Online Course

Why Nozbe has no office and how we work

Work-Life Balance as a Double Win - The No Office Podcast, ep. 21


How To Achieve The Work-Life Balance According To Michael Hyatt - The No Office Podcast #20

What can we learn from Basecamp’s mistake - The No Office Podcast, ep. 19


How To Run a Virtual Team Retreat - The No Office Podcast, ep. 18

Nozbe Masterclass Series - Learn How To Use Our App

Meetings are regular, optional and well-prepared - The No Office Podcast, ep. 17

Remote Teamwork - The Ultimate Guide 👉🏼 free online course

What’s in our backpacks? - The No Office Podcast, ep. 16


Benefits of journaling & iPad dreams - The No Office Podcast, ep. 15

Podcast production process and cyber security in our business - The No Office Podcast, ep. 14


No Roadmap - The No Office Podcast, ep. 13

How to Take up the Project-Based Approach in Your Business

Leading by context - The No Office Podcast, ep. 12

Happy 14th birthday Nozbe! Some thoughts, news and a surprise…


Direction and Home Screens for 2021 - The No Office Podcast, ep. 11



Merry Christmas - The No Office Podcast, ep. 10

Earn Through the Nozbe & Nozbe Personal Referral Program

Which app - Nozbe or Nozbe Personal - is for you?

Arranging Your Home Office - The No Office Podcast, ep. 9

The Fall updates to Nozbe - a to-do app for small businesses

Nozbe Personal is App of the Day in 21 countries on the App Store!

Nozbe Product Video - Best Productivity App For Small Businesses


Weekend Wednesday and new Nozbe features - The No Office Podcast, ep. 8

The Pyramid of Communication - The No Office Podcast, ep. 7

How to design a home office - Team Productivity Show Ep. 9

How to Start Using Nozbe - a Video Walkthrough


Virtual Reunion - The No Office Podcast, ep. 6

How to Plan an Online, COVID-Safe Company Retreat

The Future of Work – Nozbe in the Goldman Sachs Report

How we deal with emails - The No Office Podcast, ep. 5

A practical guide to remote work - Team Productivity Show Ep. 8


Online course recording - strategy to improve teamwork

The No Office Podcast ep. 3 - Dogfooding


The No Office Podcast ep. 2 - the Power of Small Teams

A company & product vision - Team Productivity Show Ep. 7

The No Office Podcast - Behind the Scenes of Remote Work

Video tutorial - improve your team collaboration with Nozbe

Writing the ultimate guide to remote work - Team Productivity Show Ep. 6

Summer updates to Nozbe Teams, our app for small businesses


Our new product video and the Product Hunt page

Michael’s AMA session recording - Nozbe as a 2-product company

How To Get Started With Nozbe - 10 Basic Steps

Task-based communication explained - Michael’s Team Productivity


Nozbe webinar recording: productivity tips for small teams


How to Manage Your Time Efficiently While Working from Home

Why communication through tasks is an effective way to work. Ep. 8 of our live sessions on remote work.

Working from home - three pillars & advantages. Ep. 7 of our live sessions on remote work.


Working from home - setting up new routines. Ep. 6 of our live sessions on remote work.

Magic Keyboard Review - Michael’s CEO Vlog

How to work from home effectively - the best tips


Nozbe - work from home with your team

Working from home - efficient meetings. Ep. 5 of our live sessions on remote work.

Q&A Working from home. Ep. 4 of our live sessions on remote work.

Apps to use when working from home. Ep. 2 of our live sessions on remote work.

How to collaborate and communicate remotely. Ep. 3 of our live sessions on working from home.

Working from home - the first steps. Ep. 1 of Michael’s live sessions on remote work.

Special policy for the Nozbe team due to the coronavirus outbreak

Nozbe and Nozbe Teams - A 2-product company

Security of your data in Nozbe - all you want to know


13 stories for Nozbe’s 13th birthday



Nozbe updates: dark mode, emailing tasks, GCal and more


Customer support slowdown - Nov. 18-22, 2019 - Nozbe reunion

5 Situations Where Sacrificing Productivity Is Worth It


9 Time-Tracking Tips to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Nozbe 4 Becomes The New Teams and an Even Better Team Collaboration Tool

How Nozbe Will Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Task-Based Communication: What It Is and How to Do It Right


How Law Firms Can Benefit From Project Management Software

4 Keys to Successful Strategic Planning With Your Team


Negotiations Under Pressure - How to Secure a Deal Under Stress

How to Automate Small Business Security

7 Tips to Organize Your Business Finances Properly


6 Productivity Tips to Help You Reduce Stress

Sabbatical: Why I took a six-week break from work

Online Reputation Management Tutorial For A Newbie


Michael’s best bits of wisdom - The Podcast (June'19)

Digital minimalism part 1: How I stopped checking my phone

4 Factors Slowing Your Business Growth & How to Solve Them

How I Got My Startup off the Ground


Labels – Part 19 of our monthly FAQ series

18+1 Good Reason Why I Can’t Quit Nozbe


How Are AI and Bots Changing Project Management?

Nozbe Reunion - Masuria (April 08-12, 2019) - customer support slowdown

A sneak peek of the New Nozbe: The Future of Team Productivity


How I Use Nozbe as a Content Calendar

Data Access - Part 18 of our monthly FAQ series


Your Essential Guide To Team Productivity

8 Tips You Should Know For Writing A Procedure

Sneak peeks at the Nozbe’s future - The Podcast (January'19)


7 Ways You Can Become an Uber Productive Lawyer

How to achieve your personal and business goals with Nozbe - Video tutorials



The definite guide to annual review and the bull**it jobs - The Podcast (December 2018)

9 Important Cybersecurity Tips to Increase Your Business’ Productivity in 2019

The top resources on goals and New Year’s resolutions

The “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” by Michael Sliwinski - the simplest way to complete your goals.

How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like You Are Not Enough


The new iPad, local activism and remembering why you do what you do - The Podcast (November 2018)

7 Workspace Changes to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

The Nozbe Team Having Fun in Cracow - A Video to Watch

Archiving Tasks and Projects in Nozbe - Part 17 of our FAQ series


Backpack only and home automation on the cheap - The Podcast (October 2018)

New step-by-step guides: speed reading and dealing with stage fright - Nozbe.how templates

How we work with translators in Nozbe

Why Your Team Isn’t Getting Things Done (And How to Change It)

What’s new in Nozbe 3.9

7 Reasons to Switch to eBooks and Change Your Life


How to effectively work with your team in Nozbe - Part 16 of our FAQ series

Office Ergonomics: Fostering a Happier and Healthier Workplace


Hack your agenda to find more time for sports - The Podcast (August 2018)

Start doing good project retrospectives and do something for Mother Earth

Nozbe 3.8 for iOS with powerful automation

Nozbe 3.8 with a new Android widget

7 Tips for Improving and Tracking Your Remote Team’s Productivity

How To Effectively Switch To Time & Material Billing

Getting Started: The First 10 Days of Nozbe


NoOffice in practice – why choose to operate without an office and how it works

Learn all about the 3D printing and improve your workflow automation - The Podcast (July 2018)

How to administrate your account in Nozbe Personal - Part 15 of our monthly FAQ series

Time tracking apps that integrate with Nozbe

PomoDone and Nozbe can work together!

Did we have fun again at Nozbe reunion? See yourself

Ask Michael S04E23: How to stay in good shape

Money isn’t everything but you need to know how to spend it and invest wisely - The Podcast (June 2018)

Ask Michael S04E22: Nozbe for individuals


Ask Michael S04E21: David Allen

Deep Work — What It Is and How to Implement It In Your Life

Learn to negotiate and see how to buy a laptop you actually need - new Nozbe.how project templates.

Ask Michael S04E20: Schedule rhythm

Ask Michael S04E19: Keyboard shortcuts

Waiting for what?

Ask Michael S04E18: Beginning with GTD


A strategy for dealing with the hardest tasks - The Podcast (May 2018)

Uses of Nozbe – the insurance industry

Ask Michael S04E17: Batching

How we protect your data at Nozbe

iPadOnly – from experiment, to a book, to a lifestyle

How the filter and sort options work - Part 14 of our monthly FAQ series

Ask Michael S04E16: No creepy tasks

Life Changing Productivity Tips from the Nozbe Team

Ask Michael S04E15: Repeating tasks

Nifty Productivity Tips for Project Managers

Not so obvious Nozbe integrations: iCal and Outlook

Ask Michael S04E14: “10 steps…” book purpose

7 ways to be more productive when you study at home


Ask Michael S04E13: E-mail for collaboration?

See how we use Nozbe at Nozbe - The Podcast (April 2018)

How to create a killer presentation and record a podcast - new Nozbe.how project templates.

Ask Michael S04E12: Nozbe for a personal trainer

Nozbe Reunion — why, where and how to organize a company retreat?

Nozbe Reunion - Ustron (April 16-21, 2018) - customer support slowdown

Ask Michael S04E11: Nozbe tutorial

Similar tools for various purposes: How many note-taking apps can you have?

Ask Michael S04E10: 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity

How to be safe on Facebook? A free security & privacy checklist

How To Get Things Done When You Don’t Know Where To Begin

Ask Michael S04E09: Trust in a remote team


Become a productive nomad thanks to new technology - The Podcast (March 2018)

How can I effectively use categories? - Part 13 of our monthly FAQ series

How to build good habits thanks to automation

Hey @User, Nozbe 3.7 is live

Ask Michael S04E08: Where to find Nozbe.how templates

Spring Cleaning Your Productivity System - 4 Winning Strategies

A really easy productivity exercise – stop whining

Ask Michael S04E07: Project privacy in Nozbe

Webinar: A Checklist for the Most Productive Spring Cleaning

Food for thought: 10 foods to snack on for increased productivity

Ask Michael S04E06: Ambassadors

Ask Michael S04E05: Mind Mapping


Ask Michael S04E04: Offline

How to Cope with Unexpected Delays.

Ask Michael S04E03: VIP support for Business

What do you know about Nozbe templates? - Part 12 of our monthly FAQ series

The best ideas for Valentine’s day - new Nozbe.how template

Ask Michael S04E02: A comment checklist

How to take a look back at 2017 to make 2018 remarkable - The Podcast (January 2018)

Food for thought: what to eat to be more productive

How to be productive: The ultimate guide for those who don’t know where to start

Ask Michael S04E01: Kids & Deep Work at Home

11 years of Nozbe


How productivity gurus set their goals - practical tips from Nozbe Ambassadors

How to set goals and plan your work smartly - new Nozbe.how templates

Relaxation Spurs Effective Performance

How to use checklists in Nozbe - Part 11 of our monthly FAQ series

Create your personal productivity planner

Which New Year’s resolutions will you keep?

Even more tips on how to learn a new language and get a great job - The Podcast (December 2017)

Webinar: New Year’s Resolutions - How to plan your best year ever



Season greetings and a big thank you

Free webinar recording - Perfect Weekly Review: Friday Revolution Tips & Tricks

Stay on top of your life thanks to an end-of-year review and buy the best Christmas presents - December Nozbe.how templates

How to prioritize and weight tasks - Part 10 of our monthly FAQ series

Help us make the Nozbe blog even better - it will only take a sec!

Bust up your routine to make time slow down

How to avoid stressful situations

Learning languages, scanning & planning and staying focused - November episodes of “The Podcast”


Improve your notes with mind mapping and learn photography - brand new Nozbe.how templates

Redirect yourself to be more productive

How to use search efficiently in Nozbe - Part 9 of our FAQ series

Ask Michael S03E12: Weekly Review Habit

How to effectively complete a weekly review and save 2 hours per month

Ask Michael S03E11: Nozbe in teams

Triathlons, Panamá and iPhone X - October episodes of “The Podcast”

Incredibly simple guide to prioritizing your day

Did we have fun at Nozbe reunion? See yourself

Ask Michael S03E10: Instant communication


Ask Michael S03E09: Successful communication with customers

Processing your Inbox - Part 8 of our monthly FAQ blog post series

Finding meaning in everyday activities - beating burnout at work

Ask Michael S03E08: E-mail communication with clients

Master your projects using Gantt charts and learn how to write a book - brand new Nozbe.how templates

How to setup an Eisenhower Matrix workflow in Nozbe - a super-practical guide

Ask Michael S03E07: Dropbox and Google Drive together

Which kind of coffee will get you going?

Taking responsibility for one’s life and becoming a paperless essentialist - September episodes of “The Podcast”

Ask Michael S03E06: Nozbe (not only) for lawyers

Nozbe Reunion - Wrocław (Oct. 9-14, 2017) - customer support slowdown

Siri and Google Assistant can now talk 🗣 to Nozbe

Ask Michael S03E05: Project notes


Tackle the greater challenges earlier in the day

Don’t miss these project templates: how to eat your “frogs” regularly + coping with anxiety

Ask Michael S03E04: Dropbox

Watch the recording of our webinar: “Tips to Getting Your Projects Done this year!”

6 ideas for slimming down and cleaning up your to-do list

Part 7 of our monthly FAQ series - loose and someday/maybe tasks

Ask Michael S03E03: The Communication Pyramid and the Nozbe Team

Register for our FREE webinar - Thursday, September 21!

Ask Michael S03E02: Code and documentation

Simplifying everything - August episodes of “The Podcast”

How to be more productive… thanks to coffee

Ask Michael S03E01: Remote company


News! Timepot integrates with Nozbe

Handy project templates - learn to swim and get to know the apps for working remotely

Part 6 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - How do I email tasks to Nozbe?

Join our Launch Team and help us promote a productive lifestyle

Upcoming Nozbe 3.6 and iOS 11 - a sneak peek at Siri and Drag&Drop

7 ways to be a better colleague

Did you miss our last webinar: Ask Michael Anything?

Listen, learn and get inspired

How to tackle a never-ending to-do list - 10 proven methods


What I’ve wasted my time on today. And you?

Practical templates - get things done this summer

Part 5 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - Joining a team

The best Nozbe.how contest: and the winners are…

Join us on August 3 and Ask Michael Anything!

Haven’t you missed something that might be important?

A perfect Wunderlist alternative

How to boost your team productivity using kanban - a step-by-step guide


Did you miss our last webinar?

Ask Michael S02E12: public templates

8 ways to make the most out of your vacation

June project templates - especially for beginners in marketing, essentialism and… creating project templates

Ask Michael S02E11: Sub-projects?

New Nozbe.how design and CONTEST!

[WEBINAR REMINDER] Effective planning tips for work and holidays!

Part 4 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - Formatting comments using Markdown markup language

Ask Michael S02E10: project templates

May episodes of “The Podcast” - schooling, working while traveling and living in the future

Ask Michael S02E09: keep control of tasks

How Nozbe Ambassador Coaches Knowledge Workers To Clear Their Heads


Nozbe 3.5 with custom repeats

Sweet memories. Watch the Nozbe team having fun at our reunion.

Ask Michael S02E08: Inviting a guest to a project

How do I use Nozbe to stay on top of everything - by Robby Miles

Adding to Nozbe - the best tips from Michele Wiedemer

Ask Michael S02E07: Reference materials

Watch our latest webinar recording!

3 best Nozbe.how templates of the month: GTD, weekly review and killer party

Special video for our 10th anniversary

Ask Michael S02E06: Someday/maybe

WEBINAR REMINDER: Join us next Thursday, May 18: Maximize Your TEAM Productivity in 10 Steps

Part 3 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - Inviting to a team vs. inviting to a project - what’s the difference?

April episodes of “The Podcast” - a great variety of tips and opinions

Ask Michael S02E05: Too many priorities

Making the most of the project functionality of Nozbe

Ask Michael S02E04: Nozbe for a single user


Visionary meets Strategic – how to use your strengths at work

Ask Michael S02E03: Keeping the Priority list on hand

Grouping related projects in Nozbe

4 cool Nozbe.how project templates you can use right away

Ask Michael S02E02: Templates with relative “start dates”

FAQ blog post series! Part 2 - Leaving your team, exiting projects and what happens to your data

Did you miss our last webinar?

Ask Michael S02E01: Using Evernote in a productivity system

March episodes of “The Podcast” - which one is your favorite?

Announcing Nozbe Stories - a next step in productivity innovation


How Nozbe ambassador uses “bucket projects” and categories

Ask Michael #12: Nozbe office?

Nozbe team reunion - Torun 2017

Idea dumping - what it’s for, when and how to employ Nozbe

Ask Michael #11: Apps we use to run Nozbe

New FAQ blog post series! Part 1 - Project labels for arranging and grouping your projects

Ask Michael #10: Reference Materials in Completed Tasks

3 inspiring & practical project templates to help you save time and effort

Using Nozbe As A Personal Information Manager

Ask Michael #9: Your Data Privacy Explained

February episodes of “The Podcast” - choose something for yourself


Productive! Magazine #34: essentialism, default settings and declutter habit

Ask Michael #8: Feature Requests at Nozbe

Ask Michael #7: Nozbe & Slack

Ask Michael #6: How does Michael use Nozbe to run the company?

Watch our Webinar recording: “Your Productivity Evolution: from Personal to Business in the last 10 years of Nozbe”

Ask Michael SPECIAL EPISODE: a Decade of Productivity

Join the new productivity revolution. Stop using email to work with others. Share projects through Nozbe.

The history of Nozbe – from the beginning to our 10th anniversary


Ask Michael #4: Will Nozbe have a “start date” and a “repeat after completion date”?

Ask Michael #3: How do I deal with a complicated project?

Ask Michael #2: What are your plans for the 10th anniversary of Nozbe?

Ask Michael #1: how to manage loose tasks?

Join us on the first webinar this year: Getting New Year’s Resolutions Done!

Getting Disciplined: How One Reddit User Achieved Most of His Goals in a Year and a Half

Ask Michael: our new video series to answer your most burning questions!



Season greetings, inspiration and a special webinar invitation

Generate Nozbe reports for you and your team in Nozbe 3.4

Meet Marc Woodland: how the Winbox team achieves goals with Nozbe


Get to know the advanced features of Nozbe Business in a brand-new tutorial

4 Day Workweek & Regular Weekly Review

TGIF - Nozbe team’s attempt at working less, but better

Nozbe supports charity - donate to help buy computer equipment for orphans!


Greetings from Gdansk! - Nozbe Reunion Fall 2016

Why Google Calendar Integration Is Worth Trying & How To Start

Nozbe 3.3 - update for iOS 10


Take Michael Hyatt’s Personal Productivity Assessment

Nozbe Values


How to manage your day-to-day energy (with Nozbe)

5 web tools to keep you productive — on any desktop

Nozbe 3.2 with cool UX improvements in popovers

Join our 1st AMA Webinar, Affiliate Program and Productive! Magazine


Productive! Magazine #33: morning routines, long-lasting relationships, cloud & to-do lists

Get Siri to add tasks to Nozbe – a short interview with Jeff Sanders


Nozbe Affiliate Program 2016 changes - more commissions and better support!

Why the security and safety of your data is Nozbe’s biggest priority

Delegating is like a tennis match – a short interview with Glenn Williams

Nozbe Reunion: what we love about being together

My checklist for an olympic-distance triathlon

Nozbe for beginners and pros – a short interview with Jeroen Sangers

6 training plans for 10k distance

How to set better goals with Nozbe 3.1


How to be productive in Africa? Short interview with Marek Zmyslowski

Quick rehash of FRESH system handled in Nozbe

How Piotr Rubik, a Polish musician, uses Nozbe to manage his professional career

7 things you might not know about Nozbe


Nozbe 3.1 – the most powerful Nozbe version ever

We are celebrating Koningsdag!


Easter and spring wishes - the new is coming

Ever wanted to start a blog?

Productive! Magazine #32 with Sean Platt - Stop with excuses

Taking up race driving… with Nozbe

How to combine full-time work with freelancing and not burn out or go mad

Meet Nozbe users - Brian Talty and his organizing headers

When Nozbe team meets up… #NozbeReunion - Nozbe Productivity Digest 2/2016

Planning your travel and using Nozbe to do it even better

Productivity ideas from Erik Fisher - the host of the Beyond the To-Do List podcast

Changes in the affiliate program and our 1st Ambassadors for the UK and US

8 steps to non-toxic meetings


Embracing change step by step - Nozbe Productivity Digest 1/2016

Presenting our #NozbeOffice!

Managing projects with Nozbe 3 new features: Periscope recording

How to make the Valentine’s Day productive?

The #NozbeOffice gallery

Share your best productivity tips and tricks as Nozbe.how templates

To celebrate 9 years of Nozbe we give you new Nozbe 3.0! (video + promo)


„10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” Audiobook

The Podcast 31 - behind the scenes of the upcoming Nozbe 3.0

Nozbe Business - How to take your team to the next level of productivity

Nozbe 3.0 preview

#NozbeOffice - show a place where your work is done

Productive! Magazine to the rescue!

Celebrate 9 years of Nozbe with us!

How project templates can help you keep track of your annual routine

Pro Tip: Integrate powerful automation tools with Nozbe

Meet Nozbe users - Pedro Rodinger and his yearly objectives in Nozbe



How do you use Nozbe? Interview with Mike St. Pierre

Lite Book of Nozbe: A special Christmas Gift for you!

How Nozbe.how will help you be a better person

Meet Nozbe users - Robby Miles, the founder of the Mission Mindset

Productive! Magazine #31 with Grace Marshall - How to be really productive?

The 5 A.M. Miracle Book by Nozbe user Jeff Sanders: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast

Regarding Nozbe 2.5 for iOS and Apple Watch


Why Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend sale is the perfect time for Nozbe users to start getting organized?

How to prepare a fantastic Thanksgiving experience? Just follow these steps…

Nozbe for Android gets better and faster

How to share your Nozbe Templates with the world?

Nozbe 2.5 with new design, Android quick add, 3D Touch shortcuts for iOS and WatchOS 2 app

Get behind-the-scenes look into Nozbe redesign and our team work through “The Podcast”


Keep tasks in Nozbe and notes in Evernote (with Evernote Reminders sync)

Meet the Nozbe Team - people who make the productivity magic happen


Nozbe? Because we want you to Be Naturally OrganiZed!

Nozbe Reunion Fall 2015 - making your productivity app even more awesome

Psst! Here’s my productivity secret: see how I get things done with my assistant


Nozbe use: The logic and secrets between sharing team and projects

A sneak peek into iOS 9

How to learn a foreign language with Nozbe

How to workaround lack of chain tasks - Nozbe tip

The Podcast - a geeky productivity podcast with Nozbe team members: Michael and Radek

Nozbe 2.2 with Google Drive and Mac widget

How I work with my assistant, using Nozbe, Gmail and Dropbox


Leaving shared project - important questions

How Jeff Sanders uses Nozbe with Siri, and what’s coming in the future for Nozbe

How I use Templates in Nozbe to implement Pomodoro Technique and Unschedule Calendar… to get more done!

The Second Coming of Nozbe for Apple Watch

Nozbe 2.1.8 with Android Widget and a better Apple Watch app

Labels and colors - use them to your benefit

Inspiring productivity read and listen for this weekend and Nozbe 2.1.8 for Android


Nozbe Affiliate Program - help others get more productive & earn extra money for the stuff you love

Nozbe for Android - speed, widgets and even more to come!

Passionate entrepreneurship and claiming back our lives - Productive! Magazine #29

Possible Nozbe Tour

What it means to be noticed - Nozbe as “best new app” in the AppStore

Nozbe beta testing program

How much is productivity worth to you?


AMA - Ask Me Anything - Today is Michael’s birthday and he has 3 gifts for you :-)

Celebrating 8th anniversary with a new version and a special offer


Recurring Tasks

Designing Nozbe for Apple Watch

To comment, or not to comment. That is the question.


Nozbe 2.1.4 is out! New Nozbe release with lots of improvements!

Nozbe is coming to the  Watch on your wrist - the most personal project management tool ever :-)


How to work with your partner to get your goals done in Nozbe

How to get your New Year’s Goals done

Nozbe tips and tricks: How to use categories



✔ How Nozbe Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2015

Nozbe 2.1 - Merry Christmas and a Nozbe New Year :)

How the CEO of Nozbe uses… Nozbe

Uses of Nozbe - Teachers

Uses of Nozbe - Teachers


Labels - organize your projects easily in Nozbe


Nozbe 2.0.9 - better, faster… nozbe’er :)

How to manage your team in Nozbe

Uses of Nozbe - Students

Nozbe 2.0 is here

Nozbe 2.0 new Evernote integration - what is different and why?

Cheerful complaints by our fantastic customers :-)

Uses of Nozbe - Law

Nozbe 2.0 tutorial - invest 15 minutes and learn to be productive with new Nozbe


Nozbe 2.0 Beta 8 and version 2.0.5 with more iOS 8 specific improvements and new gestures for iPad!

Uses of Nozbe - Real Estate

Nozbe 2.0 on iOS8 with amazing features (bonus: release candidates on the Mac, Windows, Linux and Android)

Interesting uses of Nozbe - Medicine

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 6 with a new “swipe” gestures and iOS8 specific features - shipped to the AppStore!

Nozbe 2.0 works are in full swing, almost there!


Nozbe 2.0 Beta 5 with new Evernote and Dropbox integration

Don’t stop sending us the super-powers - why we love what we do

Nozbe 2.0 beta news from the road to… a great productivity tool ;-)

Good news for Dropbox and Box.net Nozbe users

History of productivity: from dinosaur ages to Nozbe - a story by a happy Nozbe customer - Juan Antonio Dominion

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 4 has landed

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 4 almost there - update from our dev team


Nozbe 2.0 BETA 3 - it is time to also go mobile

Priority tasks instead of Next Actions… and more changes in Nozbe 2.0 beta - why? how?… and why now?

Nozbe 2.0 BETA 2 ready for testing on Windows, Mac and Linux

Marcus Platt’s reference guide in English, Spanish, German, Japanese and Polish… and a Nozbe plugin for Chrome

Get Nozbe 2.0 public beta today - welcome to the future of productivity


Nozbe Sticker - make your Macbook Air/Pro more productive

Nozbe Evernote, Dropbox and other integrations & security

Free Nozbe reference guide cheat sheet by our community member Marcus Platt


More Passion? Productive Magazine #19 with Chris Brogan & #20 with Joost Wouters

How we use Nozbe - Customer Support

Free book from your Nozbe CEO: “It’s all about Passion!”

Keep it short - how to keep task names clear


Nozbe 1.9.3 release with bug fixes and improvements


Productive! Magazine No. 19 with Chris Brogan - read free and get inspired

How we use Nozbe - Software development.

Mobility, Collaboration and Inspiration - the new focus for upcoming Nozbe 2.0 app that we call “One Nozbe”

Integrating your Nozbe Calendar with iCal. A step-by-step guide.

Nozbe 1.9.2 release with Box integration and Dropbox improvements

Heartbleed security bug didn’t affect Nozbe users

Our new Nozbe Help Page

Dealing with Inbox - easier said than done.


Apple Store Ginza Event in Japan: Mobility, Collaboration and Inspiration

How to make your ideas happen with Scott Belsky in Productive! Magazine No. 18

Advanced Nozbe tip: how to email a comment to a task


Get your week in motion. Tuesday is not too late. Ask fellow Nozbe users :-)

New Nozbe Help Page (Beta & Work in progress)

Get inspired: Productive! Magazine #17 with Brian Tracy plus 2 additional magazines

Nozbe 1.9.1 is out! With lots of improvements for Evernote Reminders sync and Project sharing


Nozbe 1.9 - share and stay alert to get your New Year’s Resolutions done

Friday tip: How to add your New Year’s resolutions to a productivity system!

Get your New Year’s Resolutions done with Nozbe



All the best for Christmas from Nozbe team + a productivity gift for you

Friday Tip: Invite your team members to some of your projects and communicate through tasks!

Friday tip: Are your tasks big and scary? Slice them to pieces and get them done one by one!

So thankful for having the most amazing customers ever :-)


What we’ve been up to recently - a few lines by our graphic designer on Nozbe 1.8.x for iOS7

How it all came about, a short story of Nozbe 1.8.5 for Linux…

Issue #15 of the Productive! Magazine with Marten Mickos and great content to boost your productivity

The newest Nozbe 1.8.5 and a productivity gift!

What else can you do to be more productive and live a better life? Start reading Productive! Magazine.

Productive! Magazine re-launched as a free iPhone and iPad Newsstand app


Nozbe 1.8.4 - new release with bug fixes and overall improvements!

Nozbe 1.8.2 an auto-update on all the platforms!


Quick update! Nozbe 1.8.1 with all the recent features fixed

Launching new Nozbe 1.8 with great features


From Nozbe CEO, Re: Productivity on the iPad

10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course Winners


New Nozbe Video Tutorial inspired by our 10-step course, Nozbe 1.7 and competition extended!

Win a Nozbe account by watching 10-steps to Ultimate Productivity Video Course by Michael Sliwinski


Speed things up with Nozbe 1.6 - get things done faster :-)


New Nozbe 1.5 suite of apps, including New Webapp and Android tablet app


Happy and Productive Easter… and Nozbe 1.5 right after!


Finally! Get Nozbe from the App Store for your iPhone and iPad

Watch our new Nozbe video - why 2013 will be the year of productivity



Merry Christmas and Happy Nozbe apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android!

Project Templates coming to Nozbe Desktop 1.4 for Mac and Windows


Coming soon - our new iPhone, iPad and Web app - why we’re more excited than ever!

Make your emails actionable! New, much improved way to send emails to Nozbe


Something to inspire you over the weekend - two latest issues of the Productive Magazine… and a special course pre-announcement


Rich comments are coming to Windows and Mac version of Nozbe 1.3


New Android, iPhone and iPad apps - productivity on the move


The bright future of Nozbe


Launching new iNozbe - mobile web version for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry… and any other smartphone or tablet :-)

Mac Appstore success and our winners!


Extended! Win a Nozbe account by downloading from Mac App Store - until Thursday, May 31st midnight EST time. Now includes Windows users, too.

Nozbe for Mac on the Mac App Store!