Meetings are regular, optional and well-prepared - The No Office Podcast, ep. 17


Find out what is the only secret behind fruitful meetings in our #NoOffice company. In any company, actually!

Remote Teamwork - The Ultimate Guide 👉🏼 free online course

Nozbe The situation is more serious we’ve ever imagined. The pandemic continues. The constraints and difficulties will go on. Those who had worked in the traditional office for years, will keep struggling. And the managers and CEOs of the so-far-office-based companies who were forced to switch to remote mode are still confused, looking for ways to manage their teams and workflow efficiently. We want to help & we know how to do that!

What’s in our backpacks? - The No Office Podcast, ep. 16


The hosts reveal their setups prepared for working outside the home. Michael’s home office is a mess and Rafal’s rediscovered his passion to soccer.

Benefits of journaling & iPad dreams - The No Office Podcast, ep. 15


See what are our journaling systems and why keeping a journal is so beneficial. You will also get to know our thoughts on directions in which iPad as a platform could evolve.

Podcast production process and cyber security in our business - The No Office Podcast, ep. 14


Rafal shares the recent improvements he’s made to the podcast production process. Michael wrote a chapter of No Office book on cyber security.

No Roadmap - The No Office Podcast, ep. 13


In this episode, Rafal describes the way we adopted Ryan Singer’s Shape Up in the Nozbe product development and Michael shares the story of his winning battle against procrastination 💪

How to Take up the Project-Based Approach in Your Business


Project-based work can boost agility and foster innovation in your company. Turning your business goals into projects improves good organization, structures everyone’s actions and gives the sense of accomplishment in the end.

Leading by context - The No Office Podcast, ep. 12


Episode number 12 is here. Michael and Rafal talk about moving on from being a manager to being a leader who is helping the team and not managing.

Happy 14th birthday Nozbe! Some thoughts, news and a surprise…


Time flies - Nozbe turns 14 today! For the last 730 weeks we’ve been helping people all over the world get more organized and more productive - individually and with their teams. And after all this time it still sure feels like we’re just getting started!

Direction and Home Screens for 2021 - The No Office Podcast, ep. 11


In the first episode of 2021 Michael and Rafal discuss their takeaways from yearly review and their home screens on iPad and iPhone. Check it out for getting some ideas for the new year.